How to Convince Police to Reopen a Case?

Answer Getting police to reopen a closed case can be hard work because as far as they're concerned, the matter is over. However, if you have good reasons to ask for this, it's worth trying.

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Ex is winning custody but how he lies and gets away with it he only came into my 4 yr olds life last year when child support caught up to him and he has custody for now but reopen case how do i win?

Answer first ask your self why you dont have your kids what did you do wrong get your self stable, show that he is un fit prove it make every thing work in your favor dont put him down in front of ... Read More »

Can the police file charges in a domestic violence case?

The police do not ever file charges. The police can make arrests and file reports with the local prosecutor's office. The prosecutor will then review the report and decide whether or not to press c... Read More »

Is the miniseries"Talking to Heaven"based on a real police case?

The miniseries "Talking to Heaven," also called "Living with the Dead," is based on an autobiographical novel by James Van Praagh. Van Praagh is a real medium in New York City with several best-sel... Read More »

Is the miniseries Talking to Heaven based on a real police case?

Talking to Heaven is a miniseries based on the book, Talking to Heaven. The book contains true stories, including the police case depicted in the miniseries, so the answer is yes. The book is writt... Read More »