How to Convince Others That You Are Not Shy?

Answer Everyone should make a good first impression when meeting someone new. Sometimes, however, we do not make the best first impression, and the person you're meeting does not understand your personali... Read More »

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How to Convince Others That You Aren't Shy?

Have a boyfriend, or a friend who accuses you of being shy? Maybe because you just recently stopped being shy? Well, here's some tips and ideas on how to change that!

How to Convince Others to Do What You Want?

Are you sick of giving in to others easily like a doormat? There is a way to stop this and get everything you want and it REALLY WORKS! Try out some suggestions noted below.

How to Convince Others to Let You Be Vegetarian or Vegan?

Have you decided to become a vegan or a vegetarian? Did you go to tell someone you knew, just to find that they were against it? With a little bit of persistence and determination, you can do it!

Why is it that my grandparents and others of their day that were cattle ranchers ate meals that consisted?

Cafes Restaurants and other food places find that most salad stuffs are left in the bag or on the plate so just put a tiny bit on the plate more as a garnish than a veggie/fruit serving. I still ea... Read More »