How to Convince Anyone of Anything?

Answer The ability make others believe what you believe is important for success in many fields. There is often a fine line between convincing somebody your views are valid and not annoying them. In this ... Read More »

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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Do Anything?

It can be frustrating to feel limited by your parents' restrictions. Even though you may understand where they're coming from, you still feel that you have earned greater independence and trust fro... Read More »

How to Not Be Discouraged by Anything or Anyone?

At many points of your lives you feel discouraged by many things and it's really hard to get over it,sometimes we start to believe it and we totally lose hope.but don't ever worry if you are in a s... Read More »

Has anyone got anything from pay as you go electronics?

lol had experience with this website once and my my two other friends has as well experience this when i told them about this site. Its is a complete scam they indeed take the process fee but that ... Read More »

Can anyone recommend me anything for a wart?

You wont believe this but use duct tape for one week.It was on CBS morning show two days ago.They swear it works.