How to Convert to a Roth IRA After Age 70 1/2?

Answer Traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are funded with earned (before-tax) income, deferring taxes on contributions and earnings. As long as the money sits in the IRA, no tax consequence... Read More »

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How to Convert IRA to Roth IRA?

There are two primary types of IRAs: traditional and Roth. A traditional IRA allows you to take tax deductions for all your contributions and pay less in actual taxes. While a Roth IRA does not get... Read More »

How to Convert a 457 to Roth IRA?

A 457 retirement plan is a deferred compensation plan established by state, local or tax-exempt organizations. The money placed in the plan is pre-tax dollars with both principal and interest defer... Read More »

How do I convert an IRA to a Roth?

PreparationCall your financial adviser or human resources (HR) manager to set up an appointment to discuss converting your individual retirement account (IRA) to a Roth IRA. If you do not have a fi... Read More »

Should I convert an SEP IRA to a Roth?

On One Hand: Higher Tax Rates at RetirementIf you expect to have higher tax rates in retirement than you currently pay, you should consider converting your SEP to a Roth IRA because even though you... Read More »