How to Convert to S Corp From Sole Proprietor?

Answer A sole proprietorship is the simplest business structure to establish. In many cases, a new business owner does not have to file any paperwork to become a sole proprietorship. But if you decide to ... Read More »

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How can the sole proprietor of an electronics retail store buy from companies like Nikon or Canon?

Answer Usually you can't. This prized position of being a distributor or reseller of certain name brand products, also carries with it the responsibility of selling 100's or even 1000's of units on... Read More »

Rules for Sole Proprietor?

A sole proprietorship, frequently a one-person business, is the simplest of all the business entities to set up, as it is usually not registered with the state. Any individual who works on a contra... Read More »

If you are sole proprietor do you need Worker's Compensation?

AnswerYou are the only proprietor of your business but are you the only employee?yesthen, no you dont need it

How to Set Up Your Sole Proprietor Publishing Company?

In recent years, publishing has evolved to the point that a sole proprietor, using the services of local vendors or vendors online, can effectively compete in the market. Those who focus on a parti... Read More »