How to Convert the Metric System to US Liquid Measurements?

Answer If you buy a bottled drink, you might notice the amount of the drink labeled in either standard American units or metric units. The use of the metric system has grown more common in most of the wor... Read More »

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How to Solve & Convert Measurements With the Metric System?

You really should brush up on your working knowledge of the metric system. You might be more familiar with the customary system, but the vast majority of the world's countries rely on metric units ... Read More »

How to Convert Within Metric Measurements?

Do you have trouble converting metric measurements? Here's a simple method that will make it easier for you.

What does cl mean in metric system measurements?

The abbreviation "cl" stands for centiliter, which is a unit of measurement used in the metric system. The prefix "centi" is a standard prefix that means "one hundred" or "one-hundredth part." This... Read More »

The Metric System of Measurements?

The metric system of measurements is a decimalized system--meaning the units are related by powers of ten--for measuring various physical quantities, including length, mass and temperature. Most Eu... Read More »