How to Convert the Lease Rate Factor to an Interest Rate?

Answer When you're purchasing a car, financing is an important consideration. The most important aspect of financing is the interest rate. The higher the interest rate, the more money you're paying for th... Read More »

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Money Factor to Interest Rate Conversion?

The cost of an auto lease is determined by the gross capitalized cost, residual value and money factor. The first of these is the cost of the car, the second is the car's value at the end of the le... Read More »

How to Negotiate an Interest Rate on a Lease Buy Out Car Loan?

For drivers who really like the vehicles that they are leasing, there may come a time at the end of the lease when the borrowing vehicle user contemplates a buy-out. A lease buy-out involves paying... Read More »

How to Calculate Principal & Interest Using a Rate Factor Sheet?

When you repay a mortgage, you pay back both the principal you borrowed as well as interest that accrued on the loaned money. Instead of using a formula to find the monthly payment, you can figure ... Read More »

How do I convert monthly interest to an annual rate?

Calculate Monthly Interest RateDivide the amount of interest paid in the month by the balance of the account to calculate the monthly interest rate. For example, if you were paid 80 cents of intere... Read More »