How to Convert iTunes Music Without Cd or Downloading?

Answer You have an MP3 player, but you don't know a good program for MP3 but iTunes. But when u try uploading songs to your MP3, you can't? Or you can't put your music on MovieMaker,etc, etc.Well here is ... Read More »

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How do you Get music on your ipod without iTunes and without downloading iTunes?

You can put songs on your ipod with other programs that are 100% free. Examples: Imesh, Bearshare, and Mediamonkey. Note: Imesh Bearshare and mediamonkey are peer to peer sharing sites who's user... Read More »

Problems Downloading Music & Games on iTunes?

Apple iTunes has become the most successful digital downloading service in the world. The program is used by millions of people worldwide to download music, movies, TV shows and podcasts to their c... Read More »

Are BitTorrents and LimeWire legal for downloading music or should you stick with iTunes and Napster?

Here is some info that is most likely said in the other three answers below.Answer from the most popular Limewire question in this category√ā¬†LimeWire: Legal or IllegalLimeWire and other file-sharin... Read More »

How to Convert iTunes Music to MP3 on Mac OS X?

One of the biggest disadvantages of iTunes is that the music that you purchase has DRM protection built into them. This protection makes it impossible to play these purchased music files on other m... Read More »