How to Convert an Oracle Date to a Unix Timestamp?

Answer The Oracle Database is enterprise database software that complies with the SQL standard for interacting with a database. Oracle stores date information in the form of month, day, year, hour, minute... Read More »

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How to Convert a Date to Unix Timestamp in COBOL?

Most businesses maintain computer systems that pass critical information between different platforms. Mainframe systems support legacy code and large core systems, while smaller client server syste... Read More »

How do I Convert String to Date in Oracle?

Oracle uses the date format to store both date and time in a single combined column that includes month, day, year, hour, minute, second and millisecond. Dates only compare to other dates successfu... Read More »

What is the difference between a unix and a unix-like OS And are linux and BSD unix or a unix-like OSes?

The UNIX Specification is a set of rules that a UNIX operating system should follow.An operating can be UNIX-compliant, which means it follows all of these rules. Examples include SunOS and MacOS X... Read More »

Oracle SQL Date Functions?

Oracle is an enterprise database application used for large business data storage. The Oracle Structured Query Language (SQL) is similar to other database server applications such as MySQL and SQL ... Read More »