How to Convert an Inch to a Km?

Answer An inch and a kilometer are measures of distance. An inch is a small fraction of a kilometer. You typically use an inch to measure short distances or the length of small objects. A kilometer is a m... Read More »

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How many 18 inch by 18 inch tiles do you need to cover a 16' by 16' room and can you show me how to convert?

A foot is 12 inches, which means 18 inches is equal to 18/12 = 1.5 feet. However, 2(1.5) = 3 (which is the base of all integer answers to this), and 16/3 is irreducible, so we may not tile the whol... Read More »

How to Convert From Inch to Meter?

Meters and inches both measure distance. An inch is significantly shorter than a meter. In the scientific community, the meter is the standard unit of measure for distance, even though the inch is ... Read More »

How to Convert Thousandths of an Inch to Metric?

Converting U.S. customary units into metric units may seem like a tough task to take on, especially if you don't consider yourself a math whiz. With the help of a calculator and the right conversio... Read More »

How do i convert megapixels to dots per inch?

Check the number of megapixels along the length and width of your camera's sensor by consulting your owner's manual. For example, a 6 megapixel camera may have 3 megapixels along the length of the ... Read More »