How to Convert an HTML Page to PDF?

Answer The main part of a web page is an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) file. Most web pages, however, are composed of other files as well (e.g., images, videos, and text files). When you convert a web ... Read More »

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What's the html code for centering text horizontally and vertically in an empty html page?

This should work: TEXT GOES HERE.Keep in mind though that you aren't centering the entire inner div but its top edge.You can also use margin: auto; to center an element in its parent element, this ... Read More »

How do I add a WMV file to an HTML page?

Open the HTML page in the Web editor of your choice. Copy the following block of code and paste it into the document: Replace the sample URL with the URL for the WMV file that you want to embed. Yo... Read More »

How to Write an HTML Page?

HTMLHTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a basic language for developing web-pages.[1] It was created to be an easy and flexible coding language. Most every page on the Internet was developed with s... Read More »

How to Write a Simple Page in HTML?

A very simple HTML Document.HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a language used to create websites. Most websites on the internet were created using HTML or XHTML (a language very similar to HTML).... Read More »