How to Convert a Simple IRA?

Answer There are many options for converting a Simple IRA (Individual Retirement Account). You will have to decide what you would like to convert to: cash, a Simple IRA with another administrator, an empl... Read More »

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How to Convert Percentages to Simple Fractions?

A percentage describes a quantity of 100. To convert a percentage to a ratio, you can therefore simply append ":100" to the end of it. This may, however, produce unwieldy, complex figures. "50%," f... Read More »

How can you convert your seinfeld DVD to watch on your ipod It only seems to convert 1 episode per disk I have tried so many different programs and it will not convert the whole disk?

nothing. it'll just be suddenly less appealing to people who have iphone 4 and they rush to buy iphone 5.

Why is it easier to convert centimeters to millimeters than it is to convert miles to yards or feet?

Answer cm --> mm is based on the metric system, which is in intervals of 10. This is easier than converting from who knows what from feet --> in. etc.(metric system is easier)

How to convert a picture jpeg to jpgand how convert for example a pic 700kb to 100kb?

image resizer from Microsoft.…