How to Convert a Ratio to a Percentage?

Answer A ratio expresses a relation between two quantities. For instance, if there are 20 boys and 30 girls in a class, then the ratio of boys to girls in the class is 2:3. As ratio is a relational value,... Read More »

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How to Write Each Percentage as a Ratio in the Simplest Form?

A percentage is a number often followed by a percent sign (%). It represents a certain amount of something as taken out of 100 percent. For example, if five out of 25 people have blond hair, 20 per... Read More »

How to Convert Gear Ratio to MPH?

If you know the gear ratio, tire diameter, and RPMs of your car at a given speed, you can easy calculate the exact miles per hour the car is traveling using a simple formula. This formula can be us... Read More »

How to Convert a Fraction to a Ratio?

Fractions consist of sets of numbers in which the top number (numerator) illustrates a part that is related to the whole unit, which is represented by the bottom number (denominator). A ratio is ve... Read More »

How to Convert Feet to a Ratio in a Chart?

If you have a set of numbers that are listed in feet and inches and you want to put them in ratio form, you can, as long as you first make all of your data uniform and make sure that the numbers ar... Read More »