How to Convert a Linux RAID 0 Disk Array to a RAID 1?

Answer If for some reason, you've decided to move away from RAID0 in favor of RAID1, the following HOWTO is based on my experience making the switch.

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I have 3 1TB HDs. Should I do a RAID 0 on 2 & backup on 1, or buy another disk for RAID 10 how about RAID 5?

Correct, 2 drives in raid will give the highest read/write speed. Using the third drive to do image backups would give a good backup solution.My plans for my next machine are to do Raid-0 with 2x 1... Read More »

How to Configure a Raid Array?

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Raid array for personal pc?

Reliability - Yes (Depending on which Array you use)Speed - Probably not anything noticeable by you, but it will ultimately depend on the array you choose on this as well.

How to Create an Array With RAID 5?

A RAID array is a collection of hard drives connected using a hardware controller and software into a single drive. RAID 5 arrays connect three or more drives, saving your data across the drives in... Read More »