How to Convert a Door Knob to a Tie Back?

Answer You can create unique window treatments by converting an antique door knob into a curtain tie back. Typically accompanied by large matching back plates, the hardware on antique doors contains charm... Read More »

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How to Open a Bathroom Door When the Door Knob Won't Work?

Locking passage knobs, such as those found on bathroom doors, are notorious for becoming stuck, or getting locked while a small child, or perhaps no one, is inside. There are several methods you ca... Read More »

What was used before the door knob?

The most ancient doors were made of timber which were made for King Solomon's temple. They were carved and overlaid with gold. There were doors dwelt upon in Homer that appeared to have been cased ... Read More »

How to Take Off a Door Knob With No Screws?

There is no way to hold the two halves of a door knob together other than to use screws. The reason you can't see them on some knobs is because they are hidden by a decorative cover plate called a ... Read More »

Who invented the door knob?

While it is very hard to trace who first invented the door knob, the credit goes to Osbourn Dorsey. He put in the first patent for an improved door-closing device, which has been improved to what... Read More »