How to Convert a 401(k) When You Are Retired?

Answer When you retire you have a number of options for converting your 401k. While you can keep your money in your 401k throughout retirement, other retirement plans will likely give you better access an... Read More »

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Can a medical retired veteran with less than 20 yrs of service collect concurrent disability pay and retired pay?

Can you collect both military retired&civilian retired pay?

You can collect both military retired pay and civilian retirement pay or Social Security. Military retirement is not considered a pension but "reduced compensation for reduced services," as the Mai... Read More »

Can you convert your retired military time to your federal retirement?

Many have worked as civilians for years under the mistaken assumption military service is automatically credited toward civil service retirement. This is not true; if you want to convert you must c... Read More »

Can I contribute to my IRA when i'm retired?

IRAs, or individual retirement accounts, require that you have earned income in order to make a contribution. Earned income includes wages and salaries, so unless you have earned income when you ar... Read More »