How to Convert a 12 Volt to AC?

Answer Automobile electrical systems supply approximately 12 volts of DC power. When alternating current electrical power is needed, but an automobile is the only source of power available, a power invert... Read More »

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How do you convert a 110 volt chandelier to 220 volt?

you don't. you just take and use 120 volts from the 220. At least that's what I'd do.

How to Convert AC to DC Volt?

Wall socket electricity from your power company is delivered as AC voltage. However, many small electronic appliances like printers, battery chargers, audio equipment and all car accessories also u... Read More »

How to Convert a 12-Volt Battery to 110 AC?

Converting a vehicle's 12-volt battery to 110 AC allows you to operate home electrical appliances, televisions, laptop computers and other devices from your car or recreational vehicle. This is eas... Read More »

How to Convert a 12V Boat to a 24 Volt?

The change from a 12-volt system on your boat to a 24-volt system is neither as difficult nor as traumatic as you might think. The necessary changes are no more dramatic than changing a flat tire o... Read More »