How to Convert XLS to CSV on Perl?

Answer Companies commonly use Excel to store tables of data. Often, those companies will find a use for that data that requires converting it into a different format for other software to use. But Excel f... Read More »

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Is CGI and PERL coding the same?

CGI is a program that runs on the web server. CGI can be written in Perl if you like. But you can also use ASP, PHP, C, C++, Linux shell, Java, C#, Lisp, Pascal, Modula in fact just about any langu... Read More »

What does perl 925 mean on jewelry?

The "925" insignia that is often stamped on jewelry is a reference that can be used to determine if the object is sterling silver. The "925" stamp indicates that the jewelry object is an alloy made... Read More »

How to Learn Perl?

Learning a programming language like Perl can seem quite daunting. It's a complex and powerful language, however, it's not that difficult to pick up. With the right tutorials and expert guidance in... Read More »

Perl File Extensions?

Perl is a high-level programming language that supports both object-oriented and procedural programming. Three file extensions are associated with Perl: .cgi, .pl and .pm. These Perl files are used... Read More »