How to Convert Weights From Kgs to Lbs?

Answer While researching your favorite British actress, you learn that she is 165 cm tall and weighs only 65 kg -- how tiny she must be. After converting the metric units to U.S. customary units, the meas... Read More »

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How to Convert Your Recipe to Metric and Use Weights Instead of Volume?

The U.S. is still using imperial Measurements in their recipes. There are 6.4 billion metric users vs. only .3 billion Americans. Here is how you can convert your recipes to be readable by the rest... Read More »

How to Tie Fishing Weights?

Many fishermen incorporate weights, or fishing sinkers, into their fishing gear. Weights are commonly used to keep bait on a certain place on the fishing line. This is especially convenient for ind... Read More »

Different Weights of Conventional Oil?

All conventional motor oils have a viscosity or weight rating. This rating is the oil's ability to lubricate at certain temperatures. In years past, there was primarily straight oil that only had o... Read More »

How to Lift Weights?

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