How to Convert Wattage?

Answer The watt, abbreviated W, measures power. The international system of units uses watts as the standard unit of power. The watt takes its name from British engineer James Watt, who made improvements ... Read More »

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What wattage PSU would I need?

That's nothing too strenuous.A quality 500w or similar should last you for a while and give you a little bit of room for future upgrades.

What PSU Wattage should I get with this PC build?

You can google--computer psu calculators--or just get a 650w to 750w power supply as these will power 95% of all gaming pcs. Mine is quite good for gaming yet only needs about 520 watts. I bought a... Read More »

How to Calculate Wattage?

Simple calculation equation for computing watt usage for an electronic device.

What wattage amp would I need for these two speakers?

If suggested usage wattage is 250 then no more than 80% of that or 200 or so. This gives you a buffer between what the amp can do and the capacity of your speakers. When they say peak, they mean ... Read More »