How to Convert Video Tapes to DVDs?

Answer Do you want to watch your classic VHS moments before selling your old VHS Tapes and want them to be on DVD? If so, you are not alone.

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How to Convert VHS Tapes Into DVDs?

As VHS technology has become obsolete these days, you might find yourself wanting to convert your precious VHS home movies to DVD format in order to preserve them longer and to be able to play them... Read More »

What stores will convert VHS tapes into DVDs?

Walgreen's does it too, but it just cost so much...try to find some guy in your hometown...I just ask a sales clerk at the local Best-buy store...he gave me a name...

How do you convert old video camera tapes to DVD?

That depends what you are meaning by "old". If what you're meaning is still young enough to have video output plugs, you can use a video editing program to import the video on your computer and mak... Read More »

I have a video camera that takes the little tapes, how do I convert them to DVD?

Connect the camcorder with a mini USB lead & switch it on in PLAYBACK mode, windows will automatically detect it and install the driver. Open windows movie maker, select "Capture" & import your cli... Read More »