How to Convert VHS to DVD for Businesses?

Answer VHS is an analog tape format that was once considered state-of-the-art quality. It consisted of a magnetized tape on two reels which were encased in a shell enclosure. With the advancement of digi... Read More »

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Do businesses pay VAT?

A company pays a value added tax (VAT) at different stages of manufacturing or distribution of a product. VAT is paid when more value is added to a product, and is calculated based on a percentage ... Read More »

How can you convert your seinfeld DVD to watch on your ipod It only seems to convert 1 episode per disk I have tried so many different programs and it will not convert the whole disk?

nothing. it'll just be suddenly less appealing to people who have iphone 4 and they rush to buy iphone 5.

How can businesses recycle?

Families recycle at home, separating metal, paper and plastic. But all too often, everything goes in one bin at work. Many businesses have begun to think about recycling as part of their environmen... Read More »

How to Sell to Businesses?

Selling is simple, and by "adopting" the steps outlined below, you'll be able to sell absolutely ANY product or service. Sales is in all of us, everyone has the ability to sell. Here´s how to put ... Read More »