How to Convert Toyota Supra MK3 Headlights?

Answer The Toyota Supra MK3 had a loyal following and can still be seen on America's highways today. This mid-range sports car came standard with a traditional incandescent lightbulb. However, the newer H... Read More »

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1984 Toyota Supra Information?

The 1984 Toyota Supra featured several improvements on the original 1979 version, particularly with regard to speed and engine capabilities. In 1984, purchasers had two options: the L-type and the ... Read More »

Toyota Supra Radiator Installation?

Your Toyota Supra's radiator provides an invaluable service to an engine that must endure the demands of sports car driving. The engine bay of the Toyota Supra is a relatively open space that makes... Read More »

1984 Toyota Supra Specs?

The 1984 Celica Supra was named one of the top 10 cars of that year by Car and Driver magazine. According to Car and Driver Magazine, this sports car not only appealed to customers because of its s... Read More »

Nissan Skyline Vs. Toyota Supra?

The Nissan Skyline, which is rebadged as the Infiniti G35 in the North American market, and the Toyota Supra are similarly equipped Japanese imports. The Supra, however, features an added edge with... Read More »