How to Convert Tire Pressure to Metric?

Answer Tire pressure represents the inflation level of a car tire. Making sure that your car's tires are properly inflated leads to better gas mileage and longer lasting tires, according to the U.S. Depar... Read More »

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How to Convert Bias Ply Tire Sizes to Metric?

Bias-ply tires date back to 1898. With the development of vulcanized rubber, Goodyear began creating bias-ply tires with cords of fabric built into the rubber for stability. The sizing on bias-ply ... Read More »

How Do I Increase the Tire Pressure as Maximum Tire Pressure Goes Up?

A tire's maximum pressure will not change. After all, the maximum pressure is based on the capabilities of the tire and the vehicle it is attached to -- there are no other variables.However, if you... Read More »

High Tire Pressure Vs. Low Tire Pressure for Cars?

Proper tire pressure is one of many factors in getting the best gas mileage from a vehicle. Other factors that gauge gas mileage are excess weight in the vehicle, weather conditions and the driver'... Read More »

How to Reset Pontiac G6 Tire Pressure Sensors After Tire Rotation?

Tire pressure monitoring systems must be reset or "relearned" after a tire is changed or rotated. In a perfect world, your dealer or service professional will have performed the procedure for you, ... Read More »