How to Convert Temps?

Answer Measuring temperature is a common activity that is conducted in science labs, workplaces and homes every day. There are three major temperature scales, which are labeled "Fahrenheit," "Celsius" and... Read More »

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How to Convert Centigrade Temps?

Daniel Fahrenheit was a 17th century scientist whose fascination led him to develop a widely accepted temperature scale in which water froze at 32 degrees and the average human temperature was just... Read More »

What does l'air du temps mean?

The phrase "l'air du temps" means "something in the air" in French, explains Vive la Vie. L'air du temps is the name of a popular perfume first created by Nina Ricci in 1948. Designed by Lalique, t... Read More »

Corsair h100 and 15 2500k temps?

You should be able to keep it well under 70C @ 4.8ghz with the H100. I use the Thermalright Silver Arrow cooler which is roughly as good and run my i5 a touch under 4.9ghz, stress testing my temps ... Read More »

What oil has the best viscosity index at high temps?

The oils with the best VI values at high temperatures are polyalphaolefin-based, synthetic oils. Viscosity Index (VI) is used to describe the dependence of the viscosity, or thickness, of an oil on... Read More »