How to Convert Tempatures to Metric?

Answer The metric unit for temperature is the degree Celsius. In the United States, temperature in everyday life is measured in degrees Fahrenheit. The Celsius scale originally went backward: The smaller ... Read More »

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How to Convert Metric to Lb.?

The metric system of weights and measures has spread worldwide since it originated during the French Revolution. Its easy-to-handle decimal basis has long supplanted those awkward 12-inch feet and ... Read More »

How to Convert Between Metric & Others?

Units in the metric system of measurement are based on powers of 10. Base units -- such as meters for distance, liters for volume and grams for mass -- are used to derive larger and smaller units; ... Read More »

How to Convert Distance to Metric?

Most countries, as well as the scientific, technological and academic communities in the United States, use the metric system. However, the average American uses the U.S. customary system for every... Read More »

How to Convert to Metric Time?

Metric time refers to an alternative timekeeping method that uses a base 10 system rather than the base 60 timekeeping method currently used around the world. In metric time, each day is made of 10... Read More »