How to Convert Switchgrass to Ethanol?

Answer Biofuels such as ethanol are compounds derived from plants that can be used to fuel internal-combustion engines such as those in cars and small machinery. Creating these fuels from plants can reduc... Read More »

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How to Convert to Ethanol?

Ethanol fuel is made from ethyl alcohol, the same type of alcohol in beer, wine and spirits. Unlike petroleum, ethanol is a form of renewable energy, produced from agricultural feed stocks and comm... Read More »

How to Plant Switchgrass?

Native to the United States, switch grass is a popular harvest choice for much of the Southwest, Midwest, and Southeast in part because it is disease- and pest-resistant when planted in those geogr... Read More »

Is a switchgrass plant invasive?

Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) is known to invade its environment and destroy native plants. Switchgrass is a dominant grass in North American prairie lands. It is used as livestock forage, wildlif... Read More »

Can i put ethanol gas in my car?

On One Hand: Ethanol Seems Like a Good IdeaEthanol is a domestic alternative fuel that costs less than gasoline. Most vehicles can run on up to 15 percent ethanol fuel without a problem. All Americ... Read More »