How to Convert Starch Into Malt Sugar?

Answer Barley seeds convert starch into malt sugar when they are sprouted. Once unhulled barley seeds have sprouted, soak them in hot water to pull the malt sugar out of the seeds. Malt sugar water, or wo... Read More »

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Is powdered sugar a starch?

Powdered sugar, or confectioner's sugar, is not completely a starch. However, a fine-particle sugar is mixed with cornstarch to create powdered sugar. Cornstarch is a starch. According to the Inter... Read More »

Does boiling a potato change it from a starch to a sugar?

Boiling a potato does not change it from a starch to a sugar, assuming you are boiling your potato in water. However, storing a potato in a cold place (like a refrigerator) will partially convert i... Read More »

How to Convert Sugar Substitutes to Real Sugar?

A sugar substitute can be any type of sweetener that a recipe calls for in place of sugar. It may be a natural or an artificial sweetener. Natural sweeteners include agave nectar and honey. Some ex... Read More »

Ok....if i don't have corn starch, can I use potato starch instead as a thickener?

Yes, you can. Make sure you dilute it in some cold water just as you would corn starch. If you don't you'll end up with lumpy food. The difference is: Potato starch has a neutral taste, and is an... Read More »