How to Convert Roman Characters to Numbers?

Answer Roman characters (also known as Roman numerals) were the method of keeping track of numbers in ancient Rome, as opposed to Arabic numerals, which is what the modern world uses. Roman numerals are f... Read More »

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How Do I Convert Japanese Characters to Roman Letters?

Modern Japanese has three main types of characters -- kanji (a character set developed from Chinese and sharing many of its characters), hiragana (a syllabic set of characters developed from kanji)... Read More »

How to Convert Roman Numbers to Decimals?

Roman numerals are a numbering system developed by the ancient Romans for the purposes of measuring and communicating in trade and commerce. The Roman numeral system uses letters rather than digits... Read More »

How to Write Dates With Roman Numbers?

Roman numbers use a basic system of letters to indicate values. Once you learn the Roman numeral system and how the letters join together to stand for Arabic numbers, you can replace any number wit... Read More »

How to Read Long Roman Numbers?

Watches and clocks, dates and Super Bowl titles still use Roman numerals. When the ancient Romans needed a way to count merchandise for purchase or sale, the easiest way was to use their fingers. S... Read More »