How to Convert R-12 to R-134 on a Ford?

Answer Repairing the air conditioning system on your older Ford vehicle, if it uses R-12 air conditioning refrigerant, requires a license and expensive equipment. If you're a home mechanic and want to do ... Read More »

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How Do I Convert My Ford Ranger to LED?

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, have become more popular among vehicle owners because of their brightness and longevity. If you want to add LED lights to your Ford Ranger, you will have to purchase... Read More »

How to Convert a Ford to Electronic Ignition?

Fords made from the late-1920s through the mid-1970s used a contact breaker ignition system. This used a set of points installed within the distributor that were operated mechanically by an engine-... Read More »

How to Convert a Ford Generator to an Alternator?

There is no reason to haveto jump start your old Ford every morning or worry about dim headlights due to the outdated automotive generator under the hood. By 1965, every Ford was running the more... Read More »

How to Convert a Ford Radio to an iPod?

If you'd like to listen to your Apple iPod in your Ford truck or car, you're going to need to purchase a device called an FM transmitter. Because you're working with an Apple iPod and not just any ... Read More »