How to Convert Pre-1949 Tire Sizes to Modern Equivalents?

Answer Prior to 1949, vehicle manufacturers did not have a universally-accepted method for calculating tire size. Many early manufacturers used uniform wheels for all their vehicles or custom wheels. For ... Read More »

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How to Convert Bias Ply Tire Sizes to Metric?

Bias-ply tires date back to 1898. With the development of vulcanized rubber, Goodyear began creating bias-ply tires with cords of fabric built into the rubber for stability. The sizing on bias-ply ... Read More »

What tire sizes will fit my car?

Chances are you might not know the size of your car tire, but the information is readily available. Knowing what size tires fit your car will help you shop around to find the best deals on the type... Read More »

What Tire Sizes Are Interchangeable?

Tire sizes that have the same rim size may be interchangeable as long as the clearance of the tire is appropriate for the vehicle and the type is the same (radial or bias). The load capacity, aspec... Read More »

What do tire sizes stand for?

Let's decode the following: P235/55R16. The first letter of a tire size indicates the application--P is for a passenger car. The 235 indicates the width of the tire in millimeters. The aspect rat... Read More »