How to Convert Poseurs to Real Goths?

Answer Let us say you know someone who claims to be a Goth while being rather uneducated as to what it means to be one, assuming bands like Evanescence and books such as Vampire Kisses are the height of g... Read More »

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How to Communicate With Other Goths?

Why not try communicating with other Goths, like yourself? Now a day it is all about making friends with other people who are just like you, in this article, you will be able to talk to other Goths... Read More »

How to Meet Other Goths Your Age?

There are many ways to meet other goths

Omg did u see there is a goggle for goths lol?

well... I've seen it but thanks for sharing :D

How to Respect Goths?

If you have a goth friend or you interact with goths, read the following article to show respect.