How to Convert Poseurs to Real Goths?

Answer Let us say you know someone who claims to be a Goth while being rather uneducated as to what it means to be one, assuming bands like Evanescence and books such as Vampire Kisses are the height of g... Read More »

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How to Respect Goths?

If you have a goth friend or you interact with goths, read the following article to show respect.

Omg did u see there is a goggle for goths lol?

well... I've seen it but thanks for sharing :D

How to Meet Goths in Your Area?

There may not be many Gothics around in your area, but you can't be the only one! Here are tips to meet other Gothics in your area:

How to Communicate With Other Goths?

Why not try communicating with other Goths, like yourself? Now a day it is all about making friends with other people who are just like you, in this article, you will be able to talk to other Goths... Read More »