How to Convert Percents to Fractions & Whole Numbers?

Answer Percent values are a type of numerical representation that literally means "per hundred." In other words, an item that is 20 percent the price of another item costs exactly 20 cents per hundred cen... Read More »

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How Can I Convert Fractions to Whole Numbers?

Whole numbers are counting numbers that begin with zero and continue to infinity. Whole number do not include fractions or decimals. A fraction is a way of representing a whole number in multiple p... Read More »

How to Convert Percents, Fractions, and Decimals?

Need help on your math homework or studying for an upcoming test? Here's how to convert fractions, percents and decimals so you can ace that test in no time

How to Do Whole Numbers & Fractions on Taxes?

Many Americans abhor completing tax returns, in part because the instructions can seem confusing and complex. In addition, unless your tax situation is very simple, you may end up having to file an... Read More »

Manipulatives to Use for Multiplying Whole Numbers by Fractions?

Fraction manipulatives are excellent tools to help students visualize the products of fractions and whole numbers that are multiplied together. There are various types of manipulatives that can be ... Read More »