How to Convert Percentages to Simple Fractions?

Answer A percentage describes a quantity of 100. To convert a percentage to a ratio, you can therefore simply append ":100" to the end of it. This may, however, produce unwieldy, complex figures. "50%," f... Read More »

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How to Convert Fractions to Percentages?

Converting fractions to percentages is so easy that a middle school student knows this. It is very simple. Feel free to read this article.

How to Convert Percentages to Fractions with an Online Calculator?

Percentages and fractions are two ways to represent ratios between two numbers. Percentages denote how many times something would happen out of 100. The numerator of a fraction is the number of tim... Read More »

How to Multiply Fractions by Percentages?

Fractions and percentages are related mathematical concepts because they both deal with the relationship of a part to a whole. You will encounter fractions and percentages in math courses from midd... Read More »

How to Calculate Fractions to Percentages?

A percentage is a means of indicating a portion out of 100. Trying to convert a fraction into a percentage may seem difficult, but there are a couple of simple tricks to use to get your answer. You... Read More »