How to Convert Percentages to Probabilities?

Answer Probabilities measure the number of times that a desired outcome occurs out of any number of trials. Probability is usually expressed as a fraction, such as 5 out of 12. Percentages measure the num... Read More »

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How to Convert Angles Into Percentages?

Angle and percentage of gradient are two completely different concepts, yet you can readily convert one into the other. The reason this is true is that you can actually measure a slope in terms of ... Read More »

How to Convert Fractions to Percentages?

Converting fractions to percentages is so easy that a middle school student knows this. It is very simple. Feel free to read this article.

How to Convert Percentages to GPAs?

Many colleges and universities use your grade point average as a criterion for admission. If you went to a school that reported grades using the percentile system, you may need to convert the perce... Read More »

How to Convert Percentages to Simple Fractions?

A percentage describes a quantity of 100. To convert a percentage to a ratio, you can therefore simply append ":100" to the end of it. This may, however, produce unwieldy, complex figures. "50%," f... Read More »