How to Convert Ones Into Tenths?

Answer In the decimal system, each column represents a power of 10. The ones column, located just to the left of the decimal place, represents 10 to zero power. The tenths column, located just to the righ... Read More »

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How do I convert files I get from a DVD Camcorder (8"mm DVD) into ones that I can use in Windows Moviemaker?

You got problems. Search the web. Search DOWNLOAD and SHAREWARE dot com. Generally you need a higher end pay program like Studio 10.You MIGHT try Avid Free, but you need a Full Metal Jacket comp... Read More »

How to Convert Time to Tenths?

Converting time measurements is a matter of one or more simple calculations to convert the time to a decimal format based on a standard table. While there are online calculators that will do the ca... Read More »

How to Convert Tenths to Seconds?

You never know when you need to make a quick conversion; measuring something such as duration often requires a conversion from one unit -- such as tenths of a second -- to another -- such as second... Read More »

How to Convert Tenths to Hundredths?

Tenths and hundredths can be used to measure small quantities of a unit, such as tenths or hundredths of a second or mile. One-tenth equals 0.1 and one-hundredth equals 0.01, which means that hundr... Read More »