How to Convert Object to Int in Java?

Answer As a Java programmer, you may encounter situations in which you need to convert a string object into an integer, such as when you're parsing numerical data from an external source and converting it... Read More »

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How to Serialize an Object in Java?

When you serialize an object in Java, you convert the data into byte streams that then later convert back into the copy of the original data. If this sounds confusing, think of serialization in the... Read More »

How to Use an Object Tag to Embed a Java Applet?

Oracle's Java runtime software includes a web browser plug-in that runs Java programs embedded on web pages. Programs embedded on web pages are known as Java applets. Java applets are embedded on w... Read More »

How do i convert an object to string in visual basic?

The ToString methodDeclare a variable and set it to reference the object.Dim myObj As New Object()Call the ToString method on the object reference:Dim result As String = myObj.ToStringAll classes h... Read More »

How to Convert a String to UTF-8 With Java?

In the Java programming language, String objects encode the characters they contain using the Unicode standard. However, in many common applications, character strings need to get converted to the ... Read More »