How to Convert Nautical Knots to Miles?

Answer The knot is a nautical unit used to quantify the speed of an object, such as a sailing vessel. The knot measures speed in nautical miles per hour. If you want to compare the speed of a boat to the ... Read More »

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How to Convert MPH to Nautical Miles?

Miles per hour, abbreviated mph, quantifies the speed at which you are traveling. Nautical miles, on the other hand, quantifies a distance. Nautical miles are used most often in flying and sailing.... Read More »

How to Convert Nautical Miles to Feet?

The moving substrate of the sea posed an interesting challenge when measuring distance before the Global Positioning System came about. There were often no rigid starting or ending points, so measu... Read More »

How to Convert Miles to Nautical Mlies?

The mile widely used today was first standardized by law in England in 1592 as 5,280 feet. The nautical mile represents a minute of latitude. It is used for boats and planes and was developed becau... Read More »

How to Convert Knots to Miles Per Hour?

For many people converting one unit to a different type of unit or measurement is a little confusing. The match calculation might be a little basic, but the logic behind it is not so intuitive. If ... Read More »