How to Convert Music to Ringtones in 30 Seconds?

Answer Since ringtones are one of the first things users customize when they buy a cell phone, there are literally thousands of services that allow users to turn ordinary music files into ringtones. Most ... Read More »

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How do i convert real music to ringtones?

Finding Necessary SoftwareFind a conversion software that allows the user to convert his music to the necessary ringtone format for his phone. Some example software includes: Convert to Ringtone Wi... Read More »

How do I convert music to ringtones on an LG EnV2?

Connect Your LG EnV2Use the USB cable that came with your LG EnV2 to connect the handset to your computer's USB port. Click "Settings and Tools" on the LG EnV2's main menu. Click "Tools." Scroll th... Read More »

How do I convert iTunes music to ringtones?

Open iTunesOpen the iTunes application. Click on the word "Music" that appears in the left panel.Choose the SongFind the song that you want to convert and click on it.Edit and PurchaseClick on "Sto... Read More »

How to Convert Music for Vcast Phones to Ringtones?

Vcast is music player that is provided on Verizon cell phones by Verizon Wireless. You can put your own music on your Verizon Wireless phone to listen to through your Vcast music player if you don'... Read More »