How to Convert Mixed Fractions to Ratios?

Answer Fractions and ratios go hand in hand in the world of mathematics because they both represent a relationship between two numbers. A mixed fraction consists of a whole number plus a fraction. You can... Read More »

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How to Convert Decimals to Fractions or Mixed Numerals?

Not all numbers are whole numbers. For example, imagine you have one whole pie. The whole pie is represented by the whole number 1. But when you divide the pie so that each person gets a piece of ... Read More »

How to Find Equivalent Ratios to Fractions?

A ratio expresses the relation between an independent and dependent variable or the relation of different parts of a whole to each other. Rewriting a fraction as a ratio provides the additional inf... Read More »

How Add Mixed Fractions?

A mixed fraction, or mixed number, contains a whole number and a fraction. The fraction portions of mixed fractions must be like fractions to be added. Like fractions have the same denominator, and... Read More »

How to Use Simplifying for Mixed Fractions?

Mixed fractions (also known as mixed numbers) tend to throw a curve at students who are still struggling to master proper fractions. A mixed fraction is a number consisting of a whole number and a ... Read More »