How to Convert Minutes to Hours?

Answer Converting minutes to hours is a simple matter of basic math and unit conversions.

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How to Convert Hours to Minutes With a Calculator?

Hours and minutes measure time. Each minutes contains 60 seconds, and each hour contains 60 minutes. Some clocks and watches only measure in minutes rather than hours. Therefore, if you want to use... Read More »

How to Convert Seconds to Hours & Minutes?

Generally, the time is presented in the “hour:minute:second” format. However, for some experiments or calculations, it may be convenient to present time intervals only in seconds. The time conv... Read More »

How to Convert Quarter Hours to Semester Hours at Ohio Colleges?

Depending on the Ohio college or University you attended, you may have earned credits in either the "semester" or "quarter" systems. Academic quarters are shorter than academic semesters. The exact... Read More »

I HAVE A ZIT !!!! I need it off in 4 hours and about 30 minutes!!!?

this worked for me a long time ago. i had heard that oatmeal is good for acne (well, they do make oatmeal soap for it). Once when i had it so bad, i wet some, put it on my face, and when i took ... Read More »