How to Convert Millimeters Into Thousandths of an Inch?

Answer Just as larger measurements have a multitude of different units to gauge them, so do smaller measurements. The millimeter and thousandth of an inch are two minute units of length and distance. The ... Read More »

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How to Convert Thousandths of an Inch to Metric?

Converting U.S. customary units into metric units may seem like a tough task to take on, especially if you don't consider yourself a math whiz. With the help of a calculator and the right conversio... Read More »

How to Convert Feet Into Millimeters?

Though two very different-sized measurement units, feet and millimeters both measure length. A foot is an American unit that is more than 300 times the size of a millimeter and measures common leng... Read More »

How do i convert micrometers into millimeters?

Divide the number of micrometers by 1,000 to determine the value in millimeters. The prefix "micro-" means "one-millionth," and the prefix "milli-" means "one-thousandth." Since one one-millionth i... Read More »

Will two 1.5-inch PVC pipes into a 2-inch PVC pipe flow as much water as 2-inch PVC into your pool pump and what would be the max gpm the pump could draw and would you need three 1.5-inch pipes?

Answer I'm no pool expert but I can do the basic maths. I'd presume the limiting factor on how much water will pass through a pipe is its cross sectional area, and that these are circular pipes. If... Read More »