How to Convert Miles To Driving Time?

Answer One of the first considerations for many people before embarking on a road trip is the length of time that they will spend behind the wheel. If you know how many miles are ahead of you, you also ca... Read More »

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Why is it easier to convert centimeters to millimeters than it is to convert miles to yards or feet?

Answer cm --> mm is based on the metric system, which is in intervals of 10. This is easier than converting from who knows what from feet --> in. etc.(metric system is easier)

How to Convert Ground Miles to Air Miles?

Land travel and air travel both measure distances in miles. For transportation by land, distance is calculated as land miles, or statute miles; for transportation by air, distance is calculated by ... Read More »

How many miles over the speed limit is reckless driving?

Reckless driving does not require that a person drives over the speed limit, nor is there a specific speed where an automatic reckless driving violation occurs. However, suggests tha... Read More »

How many miles driving is Omaha from Colorado Springs?