How to Convert Metric Bars to Psig?

Answer Bars and pounds per square inch gauge are measures of pressure. Bars, sometimes called metric bars, can be abbreviated "b." Pounds per square inch gauge, which measures the difference between the p... Read More »

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How to Convert an Mpa to a Psig?

"MPa" stands for megapascals, a unit of measurement for pressure. One pascal equals one newton of force per square meter. The prefix "mega" means million, and one megapascal equals 1,000,000 pascal... Read More »

How to Convert Metric to Lb.?

The metric system of weights and measures has spread worldwide since it originated during the French Revolution. Its easy-to-handle decimal basis has long supplanted those awkward 12-inch feet and ... Read More »

How to Convert Between Metric & Others?

Units in the metric system of measurement are based on powers of 10. Base units -- such as meters for distance, liters for volume and grams for mass -- are used to derive larger and smaller units; ... Read More »

How to Convert Minutes to Metric?

When using metric time, a normal 24-hour day only consists of 10 metric hours. Just like any other measurement in the metric system, each unit is broken into multiples of 10 of the next smaller uni... Read More »