How to Convert MPG to Liters per 100km?

Answer While residents in the United States are used to seeing fuel efficiency as mpg (miles/gallon), there are many other areas of the world that use l/100 km (liters/100 kilometer).There are many tools ... Read More »

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How do I convert 4.1l/100km to MPG?

With a CalculatorMultiply 4.1 L and 0.264 to convert it to gallons: 4.1 x 0.264 = 1.082 gallons. Multiply 100 km by 0.621 to convert it to miles: 62.1 miles. Divide miles by gallons to calculate th... Read More »

How to Convert CU FT to Liters?

Cubic feet and liters are units of volume that measure how much of something can fit in a space. For example, a box may hold six cubic feet of sand and a container may hold two liters of juice. The... Read More »

How to Convert Liters to CCs?

Liters and cubic centimeters are two metric units of volume. They are used to measure liquids and gases. Larger volumes, such as swimming pools or gas tanks, are often measured in liters. Smaller v... Read More »

How to Convert 159.6 Grams to Liters?

Gram is a measure of mass and liter is a measure of volume. The mass-to-volume conversion depends on the density of the material. Density is equal to mass divided by volume. It can be expressed in ... Read More »