How to Convert Long Notation to Short?

Answer Scientists use shorthand to write large and small numbers that are too long to read. The long-form version of a number is called standard notation and the short-form version is called scientific no... Read More »

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How to Convert to the Scientific Notation?

Science often deals with very large and very small numbers. For example, the speed of light is 300,000,000 meters per second, and the mass of a dust particle is 0.000000000753 kg. These numbers can... Read More »

How do you load a winchester06-22cal long short-long rifle?

under the barrel is a long tube. at the end of the tube is a knob. twist the knob to lossen it then with draw the inner tube. next back 10 rounds of 22 long or shot into the tube. do not put shells... Read More »

How to Convert Kilograms to Short Tons?

A short ton, abbreviated st or tn, is another name for the American ton, equivalent to 2,000 pounds. The kilogram, abbreviated kg, is the standard unit of measure for the metric system. You may nee... Read More »

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