How to Convert Liters to Gallons in Numbers?

Answer Gallons is a unit of measurement that is quite familiar to car owners in the United States. Gasoline and other similar liquids are measured in liters, however, in countries where the metric system ... Read More »

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How to Convert Dry Gallons to Liters?

Dry gallons and liters are both volume measurements. So you are able quickly to convert one unit to the other. To do this, you need to know that 1 dry gallon equals 4.40488 liters. This is your con... Read More »

How Do I Convert Fuel Pump Flow Figures From Liters to Gallons?

While many fuel pumps only display flow rates using the international standard unit of liters, Americans almost exclusively measure fuel in units of gallons. Miscalculating flow rates can be devast... Read More »

I have a 25 liter (5.5 gallons) fermenter i intend to do a 30 bottle 22.5 liters (5 gallons) wine kit i dont?

Yes, this can work. When at 10 days you transfer the wine out then back into the first fermenter do not pour it, siphon it. At that point aeration will produce negative taste components; do it gent... Read More »

How much is 6.1 m3 liters in gallons?

When you measure fluids, 6.1 cubic meters (m3) (or 6,100 L) is equivalent to approximately 1611.449 liquid gallons. In terms of dry measurements, 6.1 m3 is equivalent to 1384.826 dry gallons.Refere... Read More »