How to Convert Knitting Needle Size?

Answer Modern knitting needles are sized using one of two methods roughly corresponding to geography: European sizing based on the number of millimeters in the needle's diameter, and United States sizing ... Read More »

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What size knitting needle is the same size as a J crochet hook?

In the U.S., a J crochet hook measures 6 mm. The equivalent size knitting needle is 10. Europe and Canada use metric measurements to identify crochet hooks and knitting needles.Source:Craft Yarn Co... Read More »

What size knitting needle is the same as a J crochet hook?

A size J crochet hook is referred to as a J-10 crochet hook in the United States. The size J crochet hook ranges from 5.75 to 6.25 mm in size, depending on the brand. The closest knitting needle is... Read More »

What size knitting needle is the same as a j chrochet hook?

Crochet hooks and knitting needles are both measured in millimeters. The J crochet hook has a width of 6mm. The equivalent knitting needle is size 10 (U.S) or size 4 (U.K.), which is also 6mm thick... Read More »

What Is a Pony Needle in Knitting?

"Pony" is a brand name of yarn needles, used not for knitting but rather for piecing knitted garments together and sewing in loose ends of knitting projects. Pony needles feature a regular knitting... Read More »