How to Convert Kilo Joules to Calories?

Answer It is well-known that there are two systems for measuring nutritional energy: The kilojoule (KJ) system and the (nutritional) calorie system (Kcal). You can distinguish them from the 'nutritional i... Read More »

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How many calories are in 5100 joules?

How many Calories are in 1 kilo of cherries?

About 645 calories if you assume cherries have 90 calories per 140 grams.

How to Convert Joules to Kcals?

Joules and kilocalories are units of energy. The joule is the International System of Units' measurement for energy, and equals the force of one newton moving an object one meter. The kilocalorie i... Read More »

How to Convert Joules to Coulombs?

Energy and work can be measured using the SI unit of the joule, named for the British physicist James Prescott Joule. Electrical charge is measured in another SI unit, the coulomb, named for the Fr... Read More »