How to Convert Kcal to Kilojoules?

Answer Kilocalories and kilojoules measure energy. Kilocalories are often used to measure the energy in food. The term "kilocalorie" represents 1,000 calories, or 1 Calorie, which is the unit used on food... Read More »

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How to Convert Celsius to Kilojoules?

A joule is defined as the amount of energy required to move an object that weighs 1 pound 9 inches. A kilojoule is 1,000 joules. A Celsius heat unit -- not to be confused with degrees Celsius -- is... Read More »

How to Convert Megagrams to Kilojoules?

When you are converting megagrams to kilojoules you are converting a unit of mass to a unit of energy. Based on Einstein's famous energy-mass equation "e=mc^2," scientists have determined exactly h... Read More »

How do you convert calories to kcal?

k signifies "multiplied by one thousand", so 1000 calories is one kcal. Note, however, that dietetic "Calories" are already equivalent to kcals. They are actually exactly the same. kcal is kiloc... Read More »

How do i convert KCAL to calorie?

They are actually exactly the same. In scientific circles a kcal is 1000 calories but the term calorie used in dietary circles (the one used in nutritional values) is an abbreviation for kilocalor... Read More »